Royal Pickleball Ambassador Program

We are looking for pickleball players that are interested in referring the products on our website to their fellow players. If you would like to give it a try, please complete this form to submit your application.

The Royal Pickleball Ambassador program gives you the opportunity to represent the Royal Pickleball brand in your local pickleball community. You will work closely with the Royal Pickleball team to introduce beginner, intermediate and advanced pickleball players (your clients) in your area to the latest paddles, bags and gear.

How it works

The basic premise is to provide local pickleball players (your clients) with the ability to "demo" the latest pickleball paddles, bags and gear. You can also give them advice and recommend which paddles and gear would fit their game style. You can purchase paddles available on the Royal Pickleball Online Store at up to 80% off retail price to use for demo purposes with your clients. Whenever you have a client interested in purchasing a product, you’ll send them to your ambassador profile (your Ambassador Business Card will help with that) where they can order the paddles, bags and gear and you will receive a commission.

What you get

  • Up to 80% off retail price on paddles for demo purposes
  • Special discount code (30% off) to purchase paddles, bags and gear for your personal use
  • Unique ambassador discount code (your ambassador handle) tied to your ambassador profile. With each order, your client receives 10% off the entire order and you earn up to 15% commission.
  • Your own ambassador profile in Royal Pickleball Ambassador Directory (example profile)
  • Ambassador web app with marketing and account tools
  • Exclusive Royal Pickleball Ambassador apparel
  • Ambassador Business Cards

Exclusive Ambassador Apparel

Ambassador Business Card example